Why Choose RooLife As Your Cross-border E-commerce platform

People running small and medium-sized companies with an ambition to sell Australian products online in China often have no idea where to start. Aside from the Chinese government restrictions and legal issues in e-Commerce,the financial risk has always been a road-blocking factor.

However, the immense potential that China’s e-Commerce market holds forAustralian brands cannot be ignored. The Chinese demand for Australian products continues to grow as more online shoppers seek authentic, high-quality items from market-leading countries. Some of the most highly sought-after things that the Chinese buy from Australia on top international e-Commerce sites include wines, honey, supplements, cosmetics, heath foods, maternity products, footwear and apparel. This seemingly insatiable consumer demand is now further fuelled by the recently increased cross-border purchase limits.

Industry forecasts paint a similar rosy picture: With more than 730 million internet users, the largest e-Commerce market in the world, China accounts for more than 40% of total global online spending. China’s e-Commerce growth rateis forecasted to hit 30.3% in 2019 amounting to a gigantic USD 1.989 trillion (AUD 2.78 trillion), which makes up 35.3% of total retail sales in the country.

There truly has never been a better time to tap into the fast-growing, lucrative China e-Commerce market. And thanks to innovative companies like RooLife, there no longer are any barriers for Australian companies wanting to take advantage of China’s online market.

What makes RooLife the Cross-border E-commerce platform of choice?

  • RooLife removes the requirement to inject capital funds into China by providing companies the requisite licenses to import, market and distribute products in China.
  • RooLife registers and protects the merchant’s brand in China and operates as an instant trusted partner on the ground.
  • RooLife provides a professional and convenient way for Australian-based companies to sell goods directly to China-based buyers through an intuitive platform, fully managed and operated on their behalf.
  • RooLife offers local promotion, market testing and product-specific advise. During the initial “market test” stage, we gage how the Chinese market responds to the product range and make recommendations for a product launch accordingly.

Diagou shopping partnerships

Daigou in Australia is a form of cross-border exporting in which an individual or a group of exporters purchases commodities for customers in China. RooLife offers cost-effective Diagou shopping partnerships to Chineseliving in or visiting Australia, wanting to send goods back to China. This connects Chinese tourists in Australia to Australian brands and allows Australian brands to get exposure in China and build brand awareness.

China cross-border e-Commerce sales


Australian companies with ambitions of selling to the Chinese can trust RooLife to facilitate all the paperwork, trademark and government requirements when it comes to exports. RooLife manages all stages in the direct Australia-China shipment cycle, which includes:

  1. Overseas Merchant
  2. Overseas Warehouse
  3. Air Freight
  4. Custom Clearance
  5. Shipping
  6. Customer
  • RooLife accepts payment online using the most commonly used payment methods in China – WeChat, AliPay and UnionPay.
  • Using innovative Artificial Intelligence software, RooLife maps a user’s interests, allowing retailers to better understand their individual customer and offer a highly personalized experience, which drives ongoing purchases.
  • RooLife manages all stages of cross-border shipping into China with convenient direct-to-door delivery.
  • RooLife takes care of inventory management and warehousing.